Lip Plumping Reviews

Lip Plumping Reviews

Many Lip Plumping Reviews websites agree that the Lp Plumping ShopTM provides the world's most effective range of patented lip plumping devices available exclusively from the lip plumping shop.

According to many lip plumping reviews, our lip plumping device is an effectively proven system to physically enhance and stimulate your lips. The lip plumping device gently draws fluid into the lips - increasing blood flow and stimulating your lips natural collagen production. This extremely effective lip plumping product dramatically increases your lip fullness and smoothness – naturally.

Is our range of lip plumping products - suitable for you? What do the Lip Plumping Reviews say about it?

  • Do you want 30-50% plumper lips?
  • Do you want to avoid painful & expensive lip injections or surgery?
  • Do you want to have soft, natural looking, luscious lips?
  • Do you want the product most talked about online in various lip plumping reviews?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions then check out what our lip plumper can achieve for you. According to numerous lip plumping reviews - this is the No.1 beauty secret!



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Enhancing your Lips will never be an issue with the top of the range Platinum Series Lip Plumper as it comes complete with Four Ultra Lip Desire Special Lip Plumping and Conditioning Gloss sets including 2 x Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Lip Plumping Gloss and 2 x Ultra Lip Desire ORIGINAL Lip Plumping Gloss.

As an additional bonus the Platinum Series Lip Plumper now includes three (3) online lip enhancement consultations, especially designed to provide you with improved Beautiful Lips Enhancement performance and to get the best results possible.

The Platinum Series true Luxury and VIP Style means your lips will never experience anything this luxurious again! If you are addicted to Lip Plumping then You MUST HAVE this incredible beauty product.


  • Special Lip Plumping Device
  • Triple Diamonte Elegant total Bling Presentation
  • 1 x 30ml + 1 x 50ml Ultra Lip Desire ORIGINAL Lip Plumping Gloss
  • 1 x 30ml + 1 x 50ml Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Color: Gold

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Diamond Silver Lip Plumper

The Diamond Series includes more premium bonuses than ever before. Made from high quality materials this is Guaranteed Supreme Comfort and Results.

Each Diamond Series Lip Plumper is individually hand assembled and encrusted with two sets of Beautiful Sparkling Elegant Diamantes.

The Diamond Series also includes 1 x Ultra Lip Desire ORIGINAL 30ml Lip Plumping Gloss and 1 x Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Lip Plumping Gloss - now you can combine the Ultimate Plumping Power of the two strongest Lip Plumping Gloss products in the world of beauty.


  • Special Lip Plumping Device
  • Double Diamonte Elegant Presentation
  • 1 x 30ml Ultra Lip Desire ORIGINAL Lip Plumping Gloss
  • 1 x 50ml Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Lip Plumping Gloss
  • Color: Silver

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De Luxe Series Lip Plumper - White-Pink-Black

The De Luxe Series includes all you need for Ultralicious Lip Plumping results and EXTREME Lip Volume. Single Diamonte sparkling brilliant Bling presentation for extra wow factor!

The advantage of the Deluxe Series includes the 50ml Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Lip Plumping Gloss and the Single Bling Diamonte presentation on the device. Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME is the worlds most powerful Lip Gloss

Exceptionally Voluptuous Lips are possible with the De Luxe Series!


  • Special Lip Plumping Device
  • Single Diamonte Bling Elegant Presentation
  • 1 x 50ml Ultra Lip Desire EXTREME Plumping Gloss
  • Colors - Pink - Black - White

Lip Plumping buy online Lip Plumper

Check out what the Editor of a famous beauty website has to say in this lip plumping review about these new types of lip plumper’s ...

"The best, most dramatic natural lip enlargement can be achieved through combining the use of a quality topical lip product along with a lip enlargement device. A lip enlargement device is a small hand-held device that gently suctions the lips outward, pulling fluid in to the lips and creating a dramatically fuller set of lips for a few hours at a time. You only need to buy it once and you're done.

The best part about this device is that, over time and with regular use, you will notice your lip size really has increased. I have tried an array of lip plumping products and read many lip plumping reviews. Sure some of them work, but only moderately or temporary. This lip plumping product is truly a force to be reckoned with. This product is truly effective and so far, the results have been outstanding. This system is easily one of the best lip plumping products in the world today & one of the most practical, under-rated innovations in the beauty business. I truly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to achieve a fuller, sexier pout. This is your answer. With this amazing lip plumping product, you have my promise that it does work". (lip plumping review)

The Lip Plumping Shops – exclusive lip plumper has extremely high demand from woman across the globe looking to improve their lips and beauty routines. Our first release of this product sold out within 2 months and recieved many positive lip plumping reviews.


"I just had to let you know I have the most full & soft lips ever since using the lip plumping device. Over the past few days at least three of my friends commented on them and queried whether or not I had injections! They are amazed at how big my lips are. - Rachael Mackenzie (Scotland)

Ever since using this lip plumping device I've never had to revisit my doctor for touch ups on my lips again! I'm so satisfied with the lip plumping quality & results it delivers. I never thought about alternative ways to increase my lip size until this popped up, I've gotten so much use of it! Anyone out there wanting fuller lips without costing you a fortune, you have to try this lip plumping solution and you will be quite surprised.! - Jenna Wann (USA)
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When it comes to the lips the bigger the better, which is why many of us will go to great lengths to plump those lips to their sexy fullness. Fortunately now you won’t have to step into the plastic surgeons office and break your bank balance. Many celebs have read negative lip plumping reviews about surgery and embraced the holistic approach to lip plumping as cosmetic injections result in uneven, plastic looking, and fake to the touch and kiss.

According to many lip plumping reviews, proper use of our lip plumper does enlarge lips by up to 50% creating more beautiful lips. You can create the sought after Hollywood sexy lip plumping look for  weddings, prom, job interview, dinner date, clubbing, photo shoot, catwalk, audition, award ceremony & other special events.

This is an all-natural lip plumping product that achieves bigger lips - with no collagen, lip injections or cosmetic surgery required. This is the best lip plumping solution suitable for girls, woman and men seeking to stand out with confidence. This product has recieved many positive lip plumping reviews...

Now that you have read the lip plumping reviews and discovered the secret to creating beautiful lips quickly and easily – let your friends know and share the secret as talked about in various lip plumping reviews,.  Let them find out the best kept secret to creating plumper lips.... discover this lip plumping reviews solution that so many models, actresses & successful women around the world have already been using to secretly create incredible voluptuous, luscious looking, sexy lips!

Don’t overlook this incredible opportunity to create natural and plump, luscious lips – that are affordable. Don’t spend thousands on risky and painful surgeries. Dont ignore multiple positive lip plumping reviews...

Only the
Lip Plumping ShopTM can help you to achieve the most coveted lip plumpness that you have always secretly desired to have! Don't overlook this incredible opportunity to create luscious plump lips naturally & affordably - avoid spending thousands on risky & painful surgery according to numerous lip plumping reviews.


According to numerous lip plumping reviews Luscious lips with an accentuated border have often been associated with beauty and youth – because enhanced lip fullness is a true icon of sensuality.  As lips are the most youthful aspect of a face, plumper lips are one of the most sought after facial assets.

While there are a certain number of lucky women who have been blessed with a perfectly plump, pouty and full smile, there are an even larger number of women who are seeking to enlarge, enhance, or otherwise increase the volume and fullness of their lips.

SCIENTISTS IN SCOTLAND HAVE GIVEN CREDENCE TO THE LONG-HELD BELIEF THAT A WOMAN'S LIPS ARE A HIGHLY VISIBLE EXPRESSION OF HER FERTILITY AND SEXUALITY. The sexual psychologists tested dozens of women to determine their oestrogen levels and found that those with higher levels of the sex hormone linked to fertility also had more feminine features, including fuller lips.  The researchers then showed the pictures of the women to a group of men who rated the women for health, femininity and attractiveness. It turned out that the men gave the highest marks to the women who tested highest for oestrogen according to numerous lip plumping reviews.

In our evolutionary past, men who favoured women with feminine features would be choosing the more fertile female, and thus would have had more babies and be passing on more of their genes,” explains Miriam Law Smith, who helped conduct the study. She also postulates that women wear makeup (or employ other means of enhancement, including lip plumpers to highlight the facial features most closely associated with heightened fertility and sexuality and beautiful lips rank near the top of that list.

According to numerous lip plumping reviews, many women do not have the money or inclination to go have a costly procedure performed which may not even produce permanent results.  So if you want fuller sexier lips, what are the non-surgical alternatives and are these processes safe and effective? Lip enlargement pumps are a small hand-held device that gently sucks the lips outward, pulling fluid into the lips and creating a dramatically fuller set of lips for a few hours at a time.  They are usually inexpensive, and can be used over and over.

Lip Shape Categories
Thin, flat lips: Some of us have very thin lips with little or no definition. According to numerous lip plumping reviews, this may be due to genetics, aging or smoking. Tissue degrades as we age and definition is lost over the years. All around lip augmentation is usually necessary to change them.

No upper lip: The upper lip is always the first to lose volume. As the volume diminishes, less and less vermilion shows and the nose to lip ratio becomes even longer. This development can severely age you. The good thing about this shape is that you usually only need upper lip augmentation. However, if augmentation doesn't do the trick, according to numerous lip plumping reviews a lip plumper will more than likely be necessary to restore balance.

No bottom lip: This condition is extremely rare. I have never seen this, unless there was also no volume in the top lip. Nonetheless, bottom lip augmentation is, by far, the easiest to do and is usually far more natural looking than upper lip augmentation.
Irregular vermilion border: According to numerous lip plumping reviews the only solution is a strong lip plumper and possibly micro pigmentation (cosmetic tattooing). Lip liner can also help to correct the vermilion, but if it's significant only filler and possibly tattooing will help.

Anatomy of the Lips
According to multiple lip plumping reviews lips are one of the most visible of all human organs and perhaps the most emotionally expressive part of the human body, so it's hardly surprising that lip enhancement has become so popular. Soft, protruding, and pliable, they are also multi-functional, providing an opening for food and beverage consumption, an instrument of both verbal and non-verbal communication, and an erogenous zone.

The blood supply for the lips comes from the superior and inferior labial branches of the facial artery, one of the six non-terminal branches of the external carotid artery. More than just supplying nutrients to lip tissue, blood also figures prominently in lip colour. Light-colour skin contains no melanocyte (pigment cells) and consequently the underlying blood vessels appear through the skin on the lips. According to numerous lip plumping reviews the effect is less prominent in the case of darker skin, which contains more melanin and is visually thicker.

Lips are packed with nerve endings, making them a highly erogenous zone (ergo the popularity of kissing). The concept of lips as sex object is based as much on their visual allure as it is on their sensitivity to touch.

Many women who are looking for plumper lips have no need for expensive surgeries or painful treatments. They simply need a boost or a lip enhancer to make their lips stand out a bit according to numerous lip plumping reviews. Plump lips are much more attractive on most women. These are great for people who have always had thin lips, or perhaps whose lips have become smaller with age (a common occurrence). According to numerous lip plumping reviews the best lip plumper for you will make you feel more confident and attractive.

Another way these products help your lips to plump up is ingredients which increase the collagen in your lips according to numerous lip plumping reviews. These include peptides and have the same result as the swelling agents above. The best lip plumper will also include moisturizing agents, like Vitamin E or Jojoba oil. According to numerous lip plumping reviews The effects from these products should occur almost immediately and will last for a few hours.

  • An additional benefit to these products is that they will hide wrinkles and lines which may have developed in older lips. This is due to the collagen filling out your lips.
  • A final tip is to keep the body hydrated.  Keeping the lips hydrated is part of the trick to keeping them as full and flushed as possible.  This will help them to stand out, instead of blending in with the rest of your face.  

Lip gloss is often used when a person wants to have some color on their lips, but does not want an intense, solid lip color effect (i.e., a more "made-up" look), as lipstick would create. Lip gloss is also often used as a sort of introduction to makeup. According to numerous lip plumping reviews it is often used by pre-teen and young teenage girls who want to wear some makeup, but are too young to wear more intense lipstick colors.

Keeping lip products clean and in good repair is also instrumental in ensuring lip health and softness. According to most lip plumping reviews balms should be thrown out after a year of use, as they can harbour bacteria. Lip balms and other products should not be shared to avoid the spread of germs and the development of unhealthy lips.

According to numerous lip plumping reviews About 3% of the population is allergic to bovine collagen, so allergy-testing must be carried out before treatment.

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