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The next generation of EXTREME lip plumper’s has arrived. Introducing the most revolutionary breakthrough in lip plumping technology! This is the world’s most effective and hot lip plumping gloss.

The Ultra Lip DesireTM EXTREME lip gloss is a glossy balm lip plumper that makes lips appears twice as full as our Ultra Lip DesireTM ORIGINAL gloss. It has a much stronger golden color and shine – combining the most potent lip plumping ingredients to truly plump your lips. It has a slow release of extra lip plumping compounds that produce extreme volume and definition.

Color: Strawberry Gold - diamond sparkle – opaque lip plumper

Tingle: Strong


WARNING: This is the world’s most effective and hot lip plumping gloss – it is extremely strong and may cause a burning sensation on the lips. Do not purchase the EXTREME gloss if you have sensitive lips or cannot handle the hot sensation on your lips that this product will typically produce. It is about 2 – 3 times hotter than any other lip plumping gloss you have tried. If you have sensitive lips or are generally adverse hot substances we recommend purchasing Ultra Lip DesireTM ORIGINAL edition.
Formulated to be worn alone as a lip plumper gloss after the use of the lip plumping device.

This lip plumping gloss is especially designed to be used by those with thinner lips when full, "pouty" lips are desired. Ultra Lip DesireTM EXTREME lip gloss plumps through special ingredients that draw and absorb your lips natural fluids. These become absorbed by the skin of the lips. Once inside the skin they fill with moisture and swell, thus plumping the skin of the lips as well.
Ultra Lip DesireTM EXTREME makes the lips swell, which may also diminish the appearance of fine lines in that area.

The lip plumping gloss combines high potent ingredients formulated to deeply penetrate, stimulate and hydrate the lips. Ultra desire extreme lip gloss will create plumping of the lip tissue so that your Lips will be transformed into a fuller and smoother pout. In addition the lip plumping gloss will doubly increase the circulation of blood flow in the lips which significantly enhances the lip volume. Vitamin E contained in this lip gloss will help nourish the lips and prevent peeling and chapping. Certain special Ingredients lock in moisture in the lips. Our lip plumping gloss contains several specially nourishing ingredients.

Give your lips the volume you never knew it had with the most advanced plumping power found in a lip gloss. Available with the 5 collectable lip pump editions

Note: We do not refund any lip gloss items due to health and hygiene and legal reasons.

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